Bell will relish clash of cultures

18 October 2017 04:44:19 EST

Scotland's James Bell says he'll cherish the opportunity to represent his family's heritage at the upcoming Rugby League World Cup

However, he admits that facing New Zealand would present a unique challenge.

Bell was born in the Land of the Long White Cloud, but a Scottish grandparent means he qualifies to represent the Braveharts.

Scotland have been drawn alongside the Kiwis in the group stages of the competition, and will also face Samoa and Tonga during a gruelling four-week period.

Bell, who plays in the NRL for New Zealand Warriors and has previously represented the nation's Maori side, admits he is hoping for a career highlight.

He said: "If I get the opportunity to play the Kiwis in New Zealand, it will be the best thing that has happened in my career. I am pretty sure I will put a little bit extra into my tackles if I face the Kiwis.

"Playing for the New Zealand Maori was a big achievement, so I've had the chance to represent the Maori side of my family, now I get the chance to represent the Scottish side, and that is an extremely proud achievement for me."

But Bell admits that facing the Haka ahead of Scotland's tie against New Zealand is likely stir up a great deal of emotion.

"We played the New Zealand Maori team last year in a trial match when I was playing for the Warriors and they did a haka," he explained.

"I couldn't face it, so me and a couple of other mates did a haka back."

Scotland open their World Cup campaign with their match against Tonga on Sunday 29th October.

They are priced at 14/1 to win, with the Tongans 3/100.

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