Win cash thanks to our Spring Carnival competition

07 November 2018 19:58:03 EST

We’re giving away cash to our Twitter and Facebook followers during the Spring Carnival.

If you like the official bet365 page on Facebook or you follow @bet365_aus on Twitter, for a chance to win the cash prize all you need to do is predict the runner, of all the runners in all the races at the selected meet/s, that will come first in its race and pay the biggest (longest) price of all the other winners from that meet/s. If you are entering via Twitter, make sure you include the following hashtag in your reply - #Roughie365.

For example, for the competition that relates to the meet at Randwick on Saturday 29 September 2018 (ie Epsom Day), you can enter by replying to the competition tweet (if entering via Twitter) or commenting on the competition post (if entering Facebook) with “@bet365_aus, I think Siege Of Quebec will be the longest price winner. #Roughie365”.
The entrant/s to correctly predict the longest price winner of the day for the selected meet on each channel will share in $50 (ie $50 for Facebook entrants and $50 for Twitter entrants, capped at a maximum of two winners per channel). We will use the 365 prices listed in the Results page on the website to judge this competition.

For each channel, the first competition will begin with a $50 cash prize and if no entrant correctly predicts the longest price winner of the day for the selected meet/s, the cash prize will rise by $50 for the next competition until there is a winning entrant.

See T & Cs for more details.

Good luck and good punting during the Spring Carnival!

Spring Carnival cash giveaway T & Cs:

1. The promotion is open to Australian residents only.
2. You are not required to have a bet365 account to enter, but entry is only open to you if you follow @bet365_aus on Twitter or like the official bet365aus Facebook page and comply with the remainder of these terms.
3. Entrants must be 18 years old or over and must provide identification to bet365’s reasonable satisfaction to collect a prize.
4. Employees, previous employees, directors or contractors of bet365 and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter.
5. The promotion period will comprise of nine separate competition periods from Wednesday 26th September until Saturday 10th November (the promotion period).
6. During the promotion period a new competition will begin on designated days before the selected meetings as outlined below.
7. The relevant competition is open, and entries open, when bet365 posts a competition tweet/post, at the start times outlined below. A competition tweet or post includes an invite to enter the competition and a link to these Terms and Conditions. The competition closes five minutes before the start time of the first race of the selected meet/s.
8. The competitions, along with the selected meet/s for each competition and the opening times and closing times for each competition are listed below. All times are in AEST.

Randwick, Saturday 29th September, 2018
Wednesday 6pm 26th September, 2018 – Saturday 2.10pm 29th September, 2018
Flemington and Randwick, Saturday 6th October, 2018
Wednesday 6pm 3rd October, 2018 – Saturday 3.20pm 6th October, 2018
Caulfield and Randwick, Saturday 13th October, 2018
Wednesday 5pm 10th October, 2018 – Saturday 2:45pm 13th October, 2018
Caulfield, Saturday 20th October, 2018
Wednesday 5pm 17th October, 2018 – Saturday 3:05pm 20th October, 2018
Moonee Valley, Saturday 27th October, 2018
Wednesday 6pm 24th October, 2018 – Saturday 3.30pm 27th October, 2018
Flemington, Saturday 3rd November, 2018
Wednesday 6pm 31st October, 2018 – Saturday 11.30am 3rd November, 2018
Flemington, Tuesday 6th November, 2018
Sunday 12pm 4th November, 2018 – Tuesday 2.55pm 6th November, 2018
Flemington, Thursday 8th November, 2018
Tuesday 6pm 6th November, 2018 – Thursday 3.30pm 8th November, 2018
Flemington, Saturday 10th November, 2018
Thursday 6pm 8th November, 2018 – Saturday 3.25pm 10th November, 2018

9. To win, entrants must correctly predict the longest price winner of the day for the selected meets(s), subject always to the dead-heat and the remainder of these T & Cs and must reply to the competition post/tweet with this prediction.  On Twitter, the entrant must also include - #Roughie365 in their entry. Entrants must also comply with the remainder of these T & Cs to the full satisfaction of bet365.
10. bet365 will use the 365 prices listed in the Results page on the website to judge this competition. The Results page can be accessed only by bet365 accountholders once they have logged into their account, however, you do not require a bet365 to enter this competition. To be clear, no correspondence will be entered into regarding the prices and the prices of any other wagering operator are irrelevant to this competition.
11. To be clear, only the runners that come first are relevant to the competition. Place getters are irrelevant. 
12. Dead-heat rule: If more than one person correctly predicts the longest price winner of the day for the selected meet(s) in the relevant competition on a particular channel, the cash prize will be split evenly between a maximum of two entrants (i.e. each of the two winning entrants will receive ½ the prize). If more than two entrants pick the longest price winner of the day for the selected race(s), the cash prize will be split equally between the two entrants who entered  first with the correct prediction.
13. bet365 will rely on the times provided by Twitter and Facebook which can be seen by bet365 when it is logged in to Twitter and Facebook.
14. If the prize is won on a particular channel, the next competition period for the next selected race(s) will begin with a prize of $50 for entrants via that channel. If no entrants correctly predict the longest price winner of the day for the selected meets(s) on a particular channel, the cash prize will increase by $50 for the next competition period for entrants via that channel.
15. The total maximum prize is $900.
16. If throughout the entire promotion period, no entrant via a particular channel has correctly predicted the longest price winner in any of the selected meet/s, the carry-over prize for that particular channel will be awarded to the first entrant to predict correctly the second longest price winner of the  final selected meet(s) (ie the meet of Saturday 10 November 2018 at Flemington) and the total possible prize that can be won by that entrant is $450 on that channel (dead-heat rule applies).
17. Prize is not transferable or exchangeable.
18. Each person may enter once via Twitter and once via Facebook per competition.
19. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of the closing time for the relevant competition period and must respond within another 48 hours of receiving this notice or the prize will be forfeited.
20. If a prize recipient is a bet365 account-holder, withdrawable funds will be deposited into their bet365 account, with no turnover requirement, or a cheque will be sent in the mail, at the prize recipient’s election.
21. If a prize recipient is not a bet365 account-holder, a cheque will be sent in the mail.
22. In the event a winner does not accept their prize or cannot be contacted or their identity cannot be verified to the satisfaction of bet365, the prize will be forfeited by that winner.
23. bet365 reserves the right to withhold or withdraw prizes at its own discretion e.g. if a single user is suspected of creating multiple Twitter accounts to enter competitions or posts multiple entries in the same competition period.
24. Please ensure that your tweet can be viewed by @bet365_aus, we cannot see posts from protected accounts.
25. This promotion is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winners.
26. bet365’s decision is final.