Membrey to unleash new running game

28 February 2018 07:42:12 EST

Tim Membrey aims to demonstrate his new running power for St Kilda this year, after a big off-season.

The Saints are likely to deploy Membrey, who was their leading forward last season with 38 goals, in a hybrid forward role.

He's spent the off-season training with some of the club's best runners as he aims to cover more ground and make life tough for opposition defenders.

The 23-year-old set new personal running benchmarks this summer which he hopes will translate on field.

"I trained quite a lot with Jarryn Geary, Dylan Roberton and Jack Steven in the off-season, and training with those guys through the week and trying to keep up with them has helped me improve," said Membrey. "Since the start of pre-season I've been able to do the majority of my running in those groups as well, so that does help.

"I've been able to run personal best times and then improve in the gym and that's what you want to do each year coming into pre-season ... keep improving and just get fitter and stronger.”

Membrey is seeking to step into the role vacated by Nick Riewoldt when he retired at the end of last season, pushing onto a wing and using his running power to present as a marking target.

He said: "Being able to get up the ground and help our mids and help our backs, and then as soon as the ball gets turned over you're already in a good position where you're off your opponent and you can be used as an outlet. So I guess finding marks up the ground that way and then re-setting on your opponent and trying to lose them through all the junk and the noise and find yourself open inside 50."

St Kilda are 5000/1 to win the Grand Final.

The Saints are 500/1 to finish in the top eight.

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